Palms trees provide an exotic atmosphere when incorporated into a landscape design. Not only are you including a beautiful tall standing tree into your yard, but you are helping the environment that surrounds you. With the variety of palm trees we offer you will be sure to find one that suits your landscape design needs. Big, tall, short, or small, we have the perfect palm tree that could grow into your design for years to come.

Not limited to only tree removal, our services include palm tree trimming, which will help maintain a clean look throughout your property. Whether you are in need of pruning or trimming our tree service will eliminate any dead unattractive branches. Our palm tree trimming service will drastically improve not only the atmosphere of your yard but the health of the trees. Allow us to help you keep a healthy and clean yard for an affordable price. Our crew is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service.

If you are planning a major landscape design that includes palm trees, you want to be sure you purchase the very best! With a wide variety of options our palm tree company stands out above the rest. Our garden center proudly provides not only the supplies you need but a vast expertise and knowledge of all of our inventory. We will gladly provide answers to any of your questions and guide you if you are unfamiliar with any of our products.